Artist or Entrepreneur?


Funny story: this is the question that sparked our decision to start the podcast! Elisabeth and I have had this conversation about artist vs. entrepreneur so many times, and what’s even funnier is that I think we changed each other’s minds several times. But of course, our backgrounds play so much into this, which is why this question is so though-provoking.

In this episode, we chat about how we grew up (my dad is a watercolor artist, and Elisabeth’s day is entrepreneur in the business space) and how our dads influenced our own identity. We also get really real about the negative connotations of each word, how culture portrays the stereotypical artist and entrepreneur and how our outlook shapes our own biz strategy (and why it’s totally okay to be motivated by money!)

Of course, there is totally some overlap between artists and entrepreneurs; after all, you wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t! Thinking outside the box is a common quality for both, but I truly believe you can have success with an “artist-first” mindset if you learn how to leverage your art and find an audience who values your creativity as your unique selling point. If you lean more towards an entrepreneurial mindset, you’re probably more objective in how you approach your business and focused on creating opportunities for your art, rather than letting your art create the opportunities for you. Confused yet? We get it! There are so many layers to this conversation, and the truth is as creative small business owners, we are BOTH artists and entrepreneurs — it all comes down to the mindset approach.

So what about you guys? Do you consider yourself an artist or an entrepreneur? Let us know in the comments!

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