The Importance of Failure


Sometimes we can think of ‘failure’ as ‘defeat’ but as a small biz owner, you’re going to need these failures in order to grow. Failure SUCKS but it teaches too. When we fail, we’re able to make better decisions, tweak and refine our processes, change our offerings and pivot. In this episode, we're (embarrassingly) sharing some of our "oh CRAP" moments and lessons learned, so you can tackle those challenges instead of backing down. We both share about failed product launches (womp, womp). workshops with ZERO sign-ups and mistakes and errors we’ve made when it comes to wedding invitations. (GAH, those are the worst.) But silver-lining alert, we’re also turning those failures into lessons and telling y’all how we were able to FIX those things and why we’re grateful for our frustrating fails.

Biz Birthday Bash