Why the Heck do I need an Email List?


Welcome to the business world, where email lists are the elusive holy grail! You've probably heard a ton of conversations about building a mailing list, why you need a mailing list, HOW to build a mailing list, why you are a horrible person if you DON'T have an email list, etc. (GASP!!) We know there are a ton of resources out there for email marketing, but we are about to break down for you WHY the heck we have mailing lists and what we use them for, plus we sneak in a brainstorm sesh about how to utilize email lists for product-based businesses.

If you are an itty bitty business and you’re just starting out with your side hustle, it never hurts to start collecting email addresses on MailChimp, but also don’t let this overwhelm you super early in your business! If you get too sidetracked with growing your email list it can take away with other aspects of your biz.

The best way to approach your email list is to try to come up with a small goal - for example, maybe you start by sending out ONE email a month. Once you get comfortable with that maybe you up it to 2! It’s easier to actually batch ideas for emails all at once, so take time to write down some topics you could talk about, and don’t forget to promote what you’re offering.

How do you get people on your email list?

Think about what sort of incentive you can offer. Are you going to have one at all? Maybe you just hook up your blog to an RSS feed so that people get an email every time you post something new on your blog! Elisabeth did this through both MailChimp and ConvertKit.

Email List Opt-in Ideas

  • discount code

  • freebie download

  • cheat sheets

  • free template

  • exclusive content

  • worksheet

  • video

  • private Q and A

  • challenge

  • webinar

  • free trial

Of course, as your brainstorming your email list strategy, definitely take note on whether you will be building a list for PRODUCTS or SERVICES, because they are very different approaches.

What type of content?

Our two cents? Make it worth the open. SERVE IN THAT VALUE. Exclusive discounts, helpful content, first dibs on a product, etc. Email is more personal than a Facebook post or Instagram story because it’s landing right in their inbox, so treat them like VIP insiders, and think about the type of emails you actually open.

Your email list is ultimately about building TRUST and reminding your audience that you are there! When they look for a photographer, designer, hand letterer, etc, who will they think of first.

How often to send?

There is no o hard and fast rule for how many emails to send except for this: be CONSISTENT!

Elisabeth Young