How Do We Work Together? Our Systems, Personalities, Roles, Etc!


It's not all giggles and paint swatches over here, you guys — we do have a systematic approach to how we work together and make our business partnership easy and stress-free. When it comes to personality types, we're both opposite AND the same (just listen to the episode; it will all make sense why Elisabeth is the Biz and Cami is the Bash), but our mutual core values for the foundation of our business totally come into play as we grow. We take advantage of each other's strengths and weaknesses, and we'll share how you can do that too if you decide to work with a partner. Plus, we give tips on what to look for if you're thinking of expanding into a partnership and we get mushy about our friendship. Grab a Kleenex and a notebook — you're going to need both.

Elisabeth Young