Prioritizing Self Care in Your Biz - feat. Taryn Gross


When you're working your booty off to nurture your biz, it can be really hard to take some time to nurture YOURSELF. Today we're talking with Taryn Sutherland-Gross from Twinkle and Toast about why making self-care a habit should be non-negotiable and dispelling the myth that self-care is selfish. We discuss how self-care leads to a business that allows you to serve, share and give MORE of yourself by prioritizing peace over hustle, and flip the script by brainstorming ways you can love on your clients by offering a form of self-care for others. YOU are the most important tool in your biz, so why not start treating yourself like it?

First things first: let’s dispel some self-care myths and address the elephant in the room. Self care isn’t selfish! Being selfish doesn’t create a way for you to share, serve, and give MORE of yourself, whereas self-care yields these things because you are pouring from a FULL cup!

Self-care Myths

  • Self care makes you weak

  • Self care is simply taking a break from working

  • Self care is selfish

  • Self care involves being lazy or procrastinating

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Taryn breaks down the hustle vs. peace mentality and shares why setting boundaries in your biz can be the key to growing healthily and sustainably.

How to Incorporate Self-Care into Your Biz

  • Have office hours for yourself

  • Say ‘no’ to projects that are mentally-draining or that you don’t have room for

  • Refine your services to only offer what you feel passionate about

  • Set realistic timelines

  • Stop saying “sorry” and replace it with “thank you”

  • Take time to create just for yourself

  • Set intentions in your biz by looking at serving in you biz as self-care for someone else

  • Make time for YOU outside the office

What are some of your favorite self-care practices?

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