Q & Cake #3


In today's Q & Cake (our own fancy version of Q & A) we discuss several questions from listeners regarding raising your prices, providing original artwork for your clients, finding a reliable printer, dealing with burnout and if it's even possible to make a living as a stationer. These are questions from fellow artists, calligraphers, designers, stationers, etc. that will hopefully help you in your own biz journey as a creativepreneur!

  • I've recently run into an issue of needing to increase my pricing for certain freelance projects, because they're not worth my time otherwise. What's a nice and professional way to let these customers/vendors know? I feel like I owe them a reason but can't figure out the best way to phrase it! @bellascriptdesigns

  • Do you always or do you at all provide the original artwork with a wedding suite? How about a pet portrait? I tend to be messy with my artwork and compile a lot in photoshop so I wasn’t sure if I could still price higher if I wasn’t providing the original? Thanks so much, I’m OBSESSED with the podcast and you guys ✨ @jesmarried

  • Hey ladies! Any advice on how to find a reliable print shop/paper source for getting started with printing greeting cards and invitations? I have no idea where to begin. @torchandcanvas

  • Have either of you dealt with burnout or just no self-motivation? How long has it lasted and how did you get through it? What would you say to someone who hasn’t gone full time yet but feels that lack of motivation? Is that a red flag that I shouldn’t go full time? @theleftywrites

  • Can one sustain a comfortable living just doing custom invitations or would you say it is necessary to find ways of getting passive income or taking on other smaller scale projects to supplement your salary? @morico_creative

Elisabeth Young