Q & Cake #1

Biz Bash Podcast | Q and Cake

Welcome to Q & Cake! We are so excited to introduce these special minisodes into the podcast where we answer questions from YOU! We always want The Biz Bash Podcast to be a resource that that fits your needs, and we knew having a space for questions and dialogue with our community would be a MUST. Submit your questions here, and we’ll answer them on the podcast!

In today's Q & Cake (our own fancy version of Q & A), we discuss several questions from listeners regarding social media for business, how to build a portfolio for the work you want to be hired for, our proudest/worst moments in business, finding your own style, and branding your work. These are questions from fellow artists, calligraphers, designers, stationers, etc. that will hopefully help you in your own biz journey as a creativepreneur! 

Let’s dive in!

  1. How did you go about creating your social media for business purposes? Before or after creating a website, etsy shop etc? - @allyaiken

  2. What has been your proudest moment in business? What has been your worst or hardest moment? - @mharrisdesign

  3. I graduated with a degree in studio art and I began painting landscapes. My instagram feed is primarily filled with landscape paintings, however I want to transition into a stationer. Although I've only had 3 stationery clients in the past, how can I build my portfolio without more clients? - @morganmharris

  4. Do you ever brand your invitations? Like maybe with a little stamp on the back? Or is that just super tacky? (I don’t like the thought of 100 people receiving invitations and not knowing who created them unless they ask - but maybe that’s how it has to be!) - @thegildedmandarin

  5. How does one come to find their own style of calligraphy? I’m just starting out as a hobby and watching tons of videos and looking at so many different calligraphers’ work but when I practice, I’m basically copying off of work that’s already been done (I of course don’t claim it as my own!) - @sky_rockey