2018 Biz Birthday Bash: Business Sense for Creatives

2018 Biz Birthday Bash: Business Sense for Creatives


“Business Sense for Creatives” Includes:

A PDF Download with links to all of the following:

  • ALL 3 Class Video Replays

  • ALL 3 Bonus PDFs

  • ALL 3 accompanying note sheets

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Business Sense for Creatives” includes ALL the things the original live version included (except, well, being live). If you’re curious about hearing what other people thought, check out the testimonials page!

Business Sense for Creatives” includes…

Direct links to ALL 3 webinars (more than 3 hours, 318 minutes, of content):
PRICING WITH PURPOSE - How to be Confident When it Comes to Charging Your Worth
PEOPLE & PUBLICITY - How to Find Clients and Deliver an Awesome Experience
PRODUCTIVITY & PROCESSES - How to Run Your Business Efficiently and Get Crap Done
- $379 VALUE -


Download links for ALL 3 Bonus PDFs:
PRICING FAQs (11 pages, including screenshots of our invoices and pricing structure)
SEO CHEAT SHEET (8 pages, including easy-to-understand breakdowns of SEO lingo)
FAVORITE VENDORS (3 pages; save yourself the trouble of researching and get our easy-peasy list of favorite vendors)
- $225 VALUE -


Download links for ALL 3 accompanying note sheets! Every note sheet includes multiple pages with fill-in-the-blanks as well as additional space for taking whatever notes you need. We had attendees filling out these out so much they were bursting with notes and info!